A Funeral in Clay, NY

November 29, 2010

Tags: Jenni Lyn Watson, gender, violence, media, Joan Didion

A funeral will be held Wednesday for Jenni Lyn Watson, a resident of Clay, NY who disappeared November 19 and whose body was found a week later, dumped behind a storage shed four miles from her house. Her ex-boyfriend is being charged with murder. (more…)

Happy Thanksgiving Clint Swank

November 16, 2010

Tags: Thanksgiving, Clint Swank, bartending, parenting, writing

Clint Swank

Before I was working as a reporter I worked as a bartender in a town that had no traffic light and a population of 1,800. The bar had a derelict hominess, was frequented by old time musicians, Viet Nam Vets, families with young children, professors and a surprising number of know-it-all drop outs, rural hipsters, and the under-employed. (more…)