Bringing the war home: How perpetrators from the U.S. to DRC get away with rape

February 22, 2012

Tags: Violence against women

I worked for many years as a reporter in upstate New York, where I covered local news like school board meetings and did features on things like watercolor exhibits at one-room libraries in one-traffic-light villages.

It is easy to imagine this kind of bucolic existence falls outside of real world problems. Clusters of rural (more…)

So Much Pretty in the UK

February 2, 2012

Tags: London, UK, So Much Pretty, Athens

Today So Much Pretty comes out in the UK and this means a lot to me.

London was my first escape when I was a teenager and had grand dreams of expatriation. But it was ultimately too expensive to live there, even hitch hiking around and living in a youth hostel eating only toast (more…)