Elizabeth Hand in NYC!

March 22, 2012

Tags: Elizabeth Hand, genius, Cass Neary, Available Dark, Generation Loss, Mysterious Bookshop

Elizabeth Hand is going to be in New York tomorrow at the Mysterious Bookshop!
There’s a party for the launch of her new novel Available Dark starting at 6:30 and I am so happy about this it’s ridiculous.

I can’t stop talking about Elizabeth Hand because she’s a genius.
I adore her writing. I'm not kidding. I want to drive to Maine and sleep in her front yard on a bed of moss surrounded by flowers and insects that defy classification.

It’s not often an author can make you want to smoke crystal meth, trek through a blizzard in cowboy boots and witness a murder. Elizabeth Hand has that kind of power. Also the power to make you feel that the inspired fairyland beneath her prose is real and you can get to it through various trapdoors in your own home.

Her novels Generation Loss and Available Dark are incredible, horrifying beautiful works. I also love that my neighborhood is the stomping ground for her aging, East Village, punk rock protagonist Cass Neary. Cass is unrelentingly and unrepentantly screwed up, but she can summon light and beauty from the all damage she’s immersed in. Hand’s Illyria and Mortal Love are deeply strange and moving novels. Her ability to give the reader a sense of connection and fated experience is remarkable. I walked around for days after reading Illyria and Mortal Love feeling like I had seen through a crack in the fabric of the universe. A kind of controlled lunacy is at the heart of the work.

And she’s funny! She’s really funny. You can’t write this kind of stuff without a sense of humor.
So go buy all her novels now! And then go to the Mysterious Book Shop and thank her!