Remembering Judi Bari on the Anniversary of her Death

March 1, 2011

Tags: Judi Bari, Earth First, environment, radical

Feminist and Environmental activist Judi Bari died March 2, 1997 after a lifetime of direct action.

From an obituary by Bill Wienberg:

In the early hours of March 2, Judi Bari, a warrior who had come through many battles, died peacefully at her home in Northern California's Mendo-cino County, of breast cancer. Bari was the most visible leader of Earth First!'s struggle to (more…)

Resurrecting a Literature of Revolution, an Interview with Derrick Jensen

February 14, 2011

Tags: Derrick Jensen, literature, environment, writing, ethics, politics

Derrick Jensen has produced some of the most culturally significant writing about the environment (and about the psychological environment we live in as a result of the dominant philosophy of corporations) of the past decade. His work is filled with a love and rage and hope that few of us could sustain for a week let alone a lifetime of prolific writing. (more…)

Guest Blog by Jan Clausen: O My Distributed Selves, You Billions

December 15, 2010

Tags: Jan Clausen, writing, literature, environment

Jan Clausen is the author of 11 books in a range of genres. If You Like Difficulty (Harbor Mountain Press) and From a Glass House (IKON), both poetry, came out in 2007. Older titles include her memoir Apples and Oranges: My Journey Through Sexual Identity (Houghton Mifflin) and the novel Sinking, Stealing (Crossing Press). (more…)