Our Stories, Ourselves; an Interview with Alexis Santi

February 24, 2011

Tags: Alexis Santi, literature, Vida study, gender, diversity, media

The recently released Vida report, tallying the disparity between men and women being published today is a sobering reminder of how much work we have ahead of us.

Today I had a chat with Alexis Santi, founder of Our Stories Literary Journal on the subject. Santi earned his MFA from George Mason (more…)

Ace of Spades

February 23, 2011

Tags: David Matthews, race, class, literature, writing

David Mathews’ memoir Ace of Spades is the story of the author’s bleak childhood and adolescence in inner city Baltimore. A confessional, coming of age story that employs poetic language and sardonic wit to restrain and redirect the rage comprising the heart of the book.

Though published in 2007, Ace of Spades feels very much the work of another era stylistically. It also feels like the work of another era because the plot centers around Mathews, a mixed race kid, passing as white. (more…)

Resurrecting a Literature of Revolution, an Interview with Derrick Jensen

February 14, 2011

Tags: Derrick Jensen, literature, environment, writing, ethics, politics

Derrick Jensen has produced some of the most culturally significant writing about the environment (and about the psychological environment we live in as a result of the dominant philosophy of corporations) of the past decade. His work is filled with a love and rage and hope that few of us could sustain for a week let alone a lifetime of prolific writing. (more…)

DAY OF HONEY an Interview with Annia Ciezadlo

February 7, 2011

Tags: Annia Ciezadlo, literature, gender, war, food

I first met Annia Ciezadlo in the 90s when we were working for a small newspaper in western New York. She was an overwhelmingly articulate young woman; a brilliant, deeply funny, dumpster-diving DIYer who taught me how to can peppers and make jam, (more…)

Why We Read, an Interview with Philipp Meyer

February 1, 2011

Tags: Philipp Meyer, literature, family, gender, postmodernism, work, writing

When I first read Philipp Meyer’s American Rust I was struck by the poetry of it and exhilarated by the issues the author brought to light. It was the first novel I’d read by a contemporary that excited my sensibilities for language as well as meaning. It’s a courageous and deeply sensitive piece of fiction and to me it heralded (more…)

Guest Blog by Jan Clausen: O My Distributed Selves, You Billions

December 15, 2010

Tags: Jan Clausen, writing, literature, environment

Jan Clausen is the author of 11 books in a range of genres. If You Like Difficulty (Harbor Mountain Press) and From a Glass House (IKON), both poetry, came out in 2007. Older titles include her memoir Apples and Oranges: My Journey Through Sexual Identity (Houghton Mifflin) and the novel Sinking, Stealing (Crossing Press). (more…)