In Praise of Juvenile Delinquency

July 5, 2012

Tags: childhood, origami, ice cream cone theft

I visited upstate this weekend. My mother has a place on one of the Finger Lakes. A cozy yellow cottage right on the water with a long dock. It was warm and the skies were uncharacteristically clear and we had the kind of party that has become common in my family. Parents, step parents, step siblings, eccentric friends.

My Uncle Frank drove in from Ithaca and told a story about being drunk in (more…)

Frogs, Cranes and Army Men on Fire

March 28, 2011

Tags: childhood, origami, fire

One of the questions I get asked quite often is ‘Why do you always fold little pieces of paper into the shapes of animals?’ But I think the subtext of the question is ‘Have you always had OCD?’ So I think I’ll take some time to explain this habit. (more…)